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The Team

Bioroxx GmbH has built up an experienced team.
Each of our team members has excellent expertise in their field. Our résumés as well as our experience and personalities speak for themselves.

Astrid Gulba - CEO

Astrid Gulba 09 23.jpg

After her training as a banker at BHF-Bank Hannover, Astrid Gulba initially served as an assistant in the credit department of the BHF-Bank. After her move to Volksbank Hannover she served as an organizer in the organization department. After completion of her training as a REFA organizer for the administration and service sector she was appointed project manager for the overall reorganization of the bank with more than 600 employees. She completed her training with a 4-semester studies of business affairs accompanied by various seminars at the Akademie der Deutschen Genossenschaftsbanken (Academy of the German Cooperative Banks) . Having completed the reorganization project served as head of Marketing of the Volksbank, Hannover. In 1992 she took over a management positions at the Apobank and the Bayerische Hypothekenbank. In 2011 she served as CEO of Medvice Consulting GmbH From 2017 she also worked as a coach and consultant before she took over the position as CEO of ECORraxx GmbH,and also in 11/2019.

Dietrich Gulba - CSO and Inventor

Dietrich Gulba 09 23.jpg

Before Prof. Dr. med. Gulba completed his medical studies with the “Approbation” in 1983 in Hamburg. He had first graduated as master of chemistry in Tübingen in 1977. Before he became a university professor of medicine, he became a medical doctor and even earlier he got his diploma in chemistry.
As early as in 1978 he started to build up and establish a scientific coagulation laboratory and research facility of the department of Heart and Thoracic Surgery at the University of Tübingen where he reached first recognition as a coagulation scientist and published more than 20 scientific papers in this field of studies. He later went to the University of Hamburg where he joined the Groups of Prof. Tilsner and Prof Greten. At the same time as this appointment as a scientific assistant he started to study medicine in Tübingen and Hamburg where he graduated in 1983.
In his doctoral thesis he investigated the behaviour of the coagulation system during extracorporeal circulation in heart surgery and its effects on people undergoing surgery. During his time as an intern and staff physician at Hannover Medical school he established cardiovascular haemostasis & fibrinolysis as a new branch of cardiovascular research at Hannover, where he worked on and completed his “Habilitation” and also received the “venia legendi” from Hannover Medical School. He there received great international recognition as a cardiologist and international expert in coagulation research. In 1993 he was assigned senior consultant at the Charitè, Berlin, where he was elected as C3-Professor (full professor) for cardiology. He there founded and established an internationally well recognized research group for molecular cardiology.
In 2000, he was elected head of the Department of Internal Medicine & Cardiology at Düren Hospitals. In 2011 and worked as a management consultant for hospitals and medical trusts. In 2012 he took over the Department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology at St. Marien-Hospital Oberhausen.
Since 2018 Prof. Gulba has taken over the task of establishing cardio-genetics in the laboratory group Zotz/Klimas and making it available for general medical care.

Ida Beerhalter - CFO

Bearbeitet 425 (002).png

Ida Beerhalter is co-head of a private investment company. She is also a board member, trustee and advisory board member in a number of companies and non-profit organizations, including the Auma Obama Foundation (Sauti Kuu, Kenya and Germany), Professors Without Borders (UK), Jim Button Foundation (Germany) and First Light Trust (UK). These companies and organizations are active in a wide range of areas, including social issues, business start-ups & entrepreneurship, impact investments, education, economic development of third world societies, mental health issues, women empowerment, promotion and protection of minorities, development of prosperity in the third world, financial literacy, and management of family wealth and transfer of assets. As an investor, she also manages her own investment portfolio.

Gerhard Heusel - Scientific Director


Dr. Gerhard Heusel studied chemistry and received his doctorate at the Eberhard-Karls-University of Tübingen with a thesis on solid and liquid phase synthesis of peptides, as well as a new sulphur protecting group. He started his career in the pharmaceutical industry with Immuno GmbH in 1979 and joined Boehringer Mannheim in 1981. He was responsible among other things for processing medical inquiries in the fields of hemostaseology, immunology and hypertension. In 1985 he joined the marketing and sales department of Thomae (Biberach an der Riss) an affiliate of Boehringer Ingelheim and took over responsibility for the area of biotechnologically manufactured fibrinolytics. As a member of international project teams he has experience in development, production transfer, regulatory affairs, marketing and sales. Initiator of various projects in the field of cardiovascular diseases (myocardial infarction, stroke, pulmonary embolism) for fast recognition of symptoms, as well as development and establishment of algorithms in diagnostics and therapy. From 2003 to 2012 in Project Management Biopharma at Boehringer Ingelheim in Biberach as project manager responsible for process optimization and process transfer of Boehringer Ingelheim's fibrinolytics as well as monoclonal antibodies from customers. Since 2012 independent consultant in the fields of project management, process optimization and transfer as well as preparation of product launches for biopharmaceuticals.

Dr. Gerhard Karg - Expert and specialist in pest control

Karg Foto.jpg

After graduation in biology with focus on animal physiology Dr. Gerhard Karg worked some years abroad were he also received his training for pest control. Having returned back to Germany he started to work for and managed a pest control company close to Darmstadt. In parallel he received an additional academic education as an animal welfare officer and animal experimenter. Serving as Executive Director of Eureka GmbH his main responsibilities were the registration of Eureka’s biozid products. In further pursuit of his career as a publicly ordered pest control expert he founded the BUGS (Sachverständigen Dr. Karg + Kollegen). In addition to his obligations as CEO of BUGS, Dr. Karg serves as lecturer and co-owner of IPMpro GmbH - a company that is dedicated to the training for pest controllers in Germany. Furthermore he serves as a lecturer for food safety at the University Geisenheim, faculty for food safety and serves as chairman of the advisory board for pest control at the WIG (Weihenstephaner Institut für Getreideforschung).

Wolfgang Sodeikat - Sales Specialist

Foto Wolfgang Sodeikat.png

Wolfgang Sodeikat completed his business administration studies with a degree in business administration, after which he started a trainee program at Eckes AG with a focus on sales. This was followed by a move to key account management, looking after national customers in food retail and wholesale. After 6 years, he moved to the Coca-Cola Company in key account management for food retail. After another 6 years, Wolfgang Sodeikat then moved to BrandLoyalty in the Netherlands - BrandLoyalty is a world-leading company in the special area of ​​loyalty marketing. In the 15 years he worked there business expansion in Europe was one of his priorities. Here he acquired customers in Eastern Europe and successfully implemented branches in Switzerland, Hungary, France and Russia. Thanks to the international nature of BrandLoyalty, he was able to gain insights into the wholesale and retail structure of individual South American markets. After selling BrandLoalty to a large US company, he is now working as a consultant.

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